"Disco Susret" is a show that lasts for more than three decades on radio "Beograd 202", a station that covers the whole teritory of Serbia. Since May 11th, 1983, when it was aired for the first time, fans of good disco and dance music tune in to enjoy all kinds of music genres that make you want to dance. Here is how the show evolved through the years.

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11.05.1983. - 15.08.1984. Disco Top 10 :

In the begining "Disco Susret" was a 4 hour long show, with "Disco Top 10 Chart" as it's main segment. From the very first show, the chief editor has been Dragan Kozlica, at first as a live show host.

15.08.1984. - 12.12.2001. Disco Top 15 :

In the summer of '84. five more places were added to the "Top 10 Chart". This is the period when "Disco susret" was the ultimate dance radio show in ex-Yugoslavia. The most famous DJs of that time took part as co-editors, hosts and team members. Some of the names that remain written in the show's history are: Petar Luković, Milan Poznanović, Goran Milisavljević, Nikolaj Bežek...

24.03. - 01.09.1999. Disco Top 15 :

Starting with the NATO attack on Serbia "Disco Susret - Disco Top 15 chart" went on a hiatus. The story continued on September 1st, 1999 and from that moment on, the crew of two DJs - Dragan Kozlica and Alek run this show together.

12.12.2001. - 13.10.2010. Dance Top 40 :

In December 2001 "Disco Susret" was divided into two separate shows, both two-hour long. One was "Party Mix" that aired at 9 PM on Mondays and the other "Dance Top 40" that remained at the shows usual slot at 9 PM on Wednesdays.

13.10.2010. - ...up to present day Top 40 Chart :

"Party Mix" was cancelled in October 2010 and "Dance Top 40" went back to it's original name. "Disco Susret" continues to broadcast everyone's favorite dance tracks every Wednesday from 8 to 10 PM. The first half of the show is always reserved for the latest chart countdown and in the second half listeners are reminded of the best disco tracks, either through the Flashback chart, Italo Play or the Vinyl zone. And the beat still goes on...